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Helper On-boarding

EzyHelpers is dedicated to offering its clients high-quality and trustworthy home cleaning services. EzyHelpers recognises the value of giving its helpers appropriate training and onboarding to accomplish this goal. The onboarding procedure ensures helpers know their obligations and establishes specific standards for their work.

The initial interview is the first step in the helper onboarding procedure. EzyHelpers takes the time to carefully choose each helper to make sure they have the aptitude, background, and attitude needed for the job. A helper’s communication abilities, attention to detail, and dedication to client satisfaction are assessed during the interview process.

After being chosen, the helper is instructed in EzyHelpers’ cleaning standards. Different cleaning methods, the use of cleaning tools and equipment, and the proper handling of cleaning products are all covered in training. To protect both customers and helpers from harm while cleaning, the training also covers safety procedures.

EzyHelpers teaches its workers how to clean, but it also teaches them how to deal with customers. Helpers are trained on how to be polite and professional with clients and how to answer their questions. Also, they are taught to respect the customer’s property and privacy and to keep any personal information they may hear or see the secret. This guarantees that clients are at ease and have faith in the helpers’ level of professionalism. Observe their cultural and religious practices.

The helpers of EzyHelpers receive ongoing training and assistance. This guarantees they know the most current cleaning methods and tools and are prepared to handle any possible difficulties. EzyHelpers also conducts regular quality checks to ensure the cleaning standards are met.

EzyHelpers is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for its customers. As part of this commitment, all helpers go through a thorough background check before being assigned to a customer; all helpers go through a rigorous background check before being posted to a customer. A criminal background check and inquiries into previous employers’ references are part of the background investigation.

In conclusion, EzyHelpers recognises the value of giving its helpers proper onboarding and training. The onboarding procedure ensures helpers know their obligations and establishes specific standards for their work. EzyHelpers ensures its helpers receive ongoing training and support. Hence, they are prepared to handle any difficulties and uphold the high standards of cleaning and customer service demanded by their clients.

Below are some important topics we cover before on-boarding

Hygiene is an essential part of staying healthy and safe. It includes taking baths, washing hands regularly, cutting nails regularly, wearing clean and washed clothes, and wearing a mask when going outside. Wearing clean clothes also creates a positive impression, boosting confidence and self-esteem. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential to wear masks to prevent the spread of the virus.

Workplace Etiquette is essential for creating a positive and professional environment. It is crucial to be punctual, avoid taking uninformed leaves, show loyalty, honesty, and trustworthiness, keep confidential information, respect privacy, carry lunch, and be patient, kind, and caring while handling kids. It is essential to maintain a professional appearance in the workplace, ask proactively from customers, inform the employer if they have any major health issues or are undergoing medical treatment, be polite and respectful while speaking, lock the main door from inside, maintain the work schedule and extend the working hours, and follow proper work etiquette to create a good work environment, keep good relationships with coworkers, and make sure work goes smoothly.

General Etiquette is essential for maintaining professionalism and positive client relationships, such as not discussing the business or recruitment process, not transporting priceless items, and not requesting money up front. Helpers can gain trust and maintain good relationships by adhering to general etiquette.